43 Best Sunrooms Farmhouse Design Ideas

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French Country Living Room ideas – Image Source : elledecor.com

THERE are innumerable fascinating schemes for organizing sunrooms. One, which we’ve lately seen near Philadelphia, has been the consequence of surrounding a huge piazza, projecting from an enormous house located in the center of yards and groves.

The walls have been painted orange and striped with light yellow; the floors are coated with the new assortment of matting, which reproduces tiles, and reveals big squares of color, blocked off by black. The chintzes utilized are in vivid orange, yellowish and green, in a gorgeous layout; the wicker chairs are painted orange and black, and in the immense iridescent globes of electric lighting hang long, orange silk tassels.

Iron fountains, excellent layouts in black and gold, throw water on stone and silver fish, or homosexual water crops; while, in black and gold cages, vibrant parrots and orange-colored canaries gleam through the pubs. Iron vases of black and golden on tall pedestals, are stuffed with trailing ivy and brightly colored plants. Along the walls are wicker couches, painted orange and black, luxuriously comfy with cushions covered, as are a few of these chair cushions, in soft orange, sun-proofed twills.

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